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New generation Remote Line Push-Button QDs: Cobra, Pro-connect, PTC, Connex, etc.

I have recently discovered for myself the new generation of the remote line quick disconnects - the push-button type. Every major paintball company seems to be coming out with these: Guerrilla Air came out with their "Cobra" QD, Psiworx came out with their "Pro-Connect III" QD, RAP4 came out with "Zip connect" QD, Tippman has the "Connex" QD, Ninja did the "PTC" (push-to-connect) QD, there is also the "Shogun" QD, even the Tactical-Mod has their "Push Button Quick Release Remote Connect". These, essentially, are all the same connector type. My question is: What is the technically proper term that these QDs are called, irrespective of the branding re-seller (because all of those above-mentioned QDs are just being re-sold and not actually manufactured by those brands)? I am trying to find the actual manufacturer of these new gen push-button QD's. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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