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Originally Posted by n0buddy0 View Post
If Doug Brown has "introduced the ProConnect to paintball", was he not the one to invent it?..... Now, the inventor/manufacturer vs. a merchant/re-seller is a moral issue.
That is paintball, in a nut shell.

But with pneumatics, most components typically originate outside paintball. Things like quick-exhausts, rams, slide-checks, etc, are all "off the shelf" items, even if rebranded.

I used to use a Q/D, similar to the proconnect, but years before it. Instead of a button, it had a slide. But unlike a slidecheck, it would seperate the male/female ends, leaving both pressurized.

Maybe thats where the idea of the Proconnect came form? I remember getting them at an industrial supply store..... but I lost interest with remotes.

Here is the only picture I have with that oddball Q/D: You can see the slide on the male end. Both ends had check-valves.


"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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