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I had a custom rig made at Spec Ops Paintball (before the owner switching)... its a harness with loops going down from shoulders to mid torso, and then capless spots going across my chest from there.

12ies on the shoulders make it look like I'm carrying shells to newbies :P unfortunately it's not conducive to my Phantom's stock, but without stock it's perfect for that and my SS.

I didn't want the hassle of losing caps and having them pop open like some had told me they might, but my one issue with the capless spots is they use elastics so when I want to reload the vest it sucks to get them back in (vs. hard fabric).

It's great for scenarios but 14 tubes and probably as many 12ies is a means I don't have to reload during walk-on but with the way some of the electros shoot paint I have to wait for everyone else to get more paint every couple games anyways.
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