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Originally Posted by esperto96 View Post
Now you guys did it. I ordered one and it's on it's way.

If I find that they really are made of the sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows you all say they are, then I'll cull the existing herd and use the funds to buy more Enmeys for the fleet.
It has arrived! I aired it up and put about 70 rounds of two year old paint through it at my poor apple tree. Out of the box it was shooting at 305-315 fps. I turned the reg down and now have it shooting in the 275-285 range. The gun was easy to aim and put that old paint on target. I never tested the anti-chop.

My impressions. The trigger is lighter/faster than a classic mag but not my ULE. Part of that might be the extra leverage I get from the two finger blade trigger. It had a nice short pull. I plan to give it the set screw mod to make it even shorter.

The action felt much louder and violent than I thought it would be, though the recoil seemed minimal. I did a few slow triiger pulls and it felt like the bolt slammed forward with a solid FWUMP! When I released the trigger, another solid FWUMP! Reminds me of an autocockimag with a loud 3way/ram.

My wife said it was quieter than she thought it would be but she was feeding the baby inside during the test. I wonder if it's a case of the sound seeming louder to the shooter than to anyone else. She's been inside for other backyard tests and could tell a difference. A different barrel will likely quiet it even further.

The frame felt a bit cramped in my hands but I think that was due to me using a 45/4500 when my other guns have rail mounts that put the same tank about an inch further down and further back. I think it will be more comfortable with my 68/4500 or to swap in one of my rail/ASA combos from one of the other guns.

The barrel is incredibly fast to twist on and off. It's actually a shame that cocker threads have become the industry standard.

Overall, I think I'm going to like it. ...and that came out wordier than I thought it would.
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