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Ok, you've already been warned about the heat, humidity and bugs,
so that just leaves where you're planning to stay? If you bring a tent,
make sure you bring some extra heavy duty tent stakes to secure it
and if you've got a small generator, remember you can only run it
till 10 pm. Pop Ups are not built to stand up to strong winds, so
remember to take them down if a storm is approaching.

When it comes to staying clean, there are two shower buildings, but
with so many people the odds of finding any hot water are slim.

There are also plenty of well marked places to dump your trash, so
please don't just toss it. Remember, this is home for many of us for
a week or more, so if you see trash, please pick it up.

This year they've also said no more fire rings made from field stones,
so if you're looking to have a camp fire, bring a metal fire ring, or cut
down a 55 gallon drum and as far as firewood goes, there's plenty
of dead fall around in the surrounding woods, plus they usually have
someone driving around selling fire wood, so no cutting live trees.

Everyone is responsible for their own stuff and generally you'll find
people camping with you trustworthy, but that doesn't mean you can
just leave your I Pad, wallet, camera and other valuables laying about.
Lock them up in your car, or ask a buddy to secure it in theirs if you
don't have a vehicle.

Finally, just about everyone I know forgets something, that's why
they have a small store next to the D-Day Café which sells stuff.
There's a nice IGA grocery store nearby in Seneca, as well as a
Super Walmart, Lowes and a couple motels in Neosho, which is
about 20 minutes drive to the east. There's also a Dairy Queen
and a mom and pop ice cream shop in Seneca, as well as a bank,
Laundromat and auto parts store and if you want to gamble there's
the new casino right across from where you turn off Hwy 60
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