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LEAK !!!!!

I ordered the O-Ring kit from Oringmonkey... and had them in 2 days...
Thanks for the help.... BUUUUTTTTT.....

I replaced all the O-Rings in the bolt assembly... and I still have the leak. So, then I barely put any air pressure in the marker ... so little that I could push the bolt back all the way air stopped leaking out of the front... but leaked out the rear of the bolt assembly... I don't know if that tells anyone anything or not.

I am NOT one that can diagnose gun issues. I don't know if the LPR could have anything to do with it or not... just frustrated. The marker will shoot.. shoots fine. I guess the next step is to replace all the ORINGS in the entire marker.

Frustrating for sure... my son is a Marine ... on leave and we trying to get back into game with minimal expense... and we want to get i a few weekends before he heads out... I have another Matrix on the way... hopefully it will be working.
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