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Imho is the thing simplier: it is like with most of Kingmann markers: the original models have been really very, very good (at least for the common prince of them), but with the following versions they cutting the manufacturing cost and making them simple to much. They even add the "features" what looks good but in real play are not practical - like the powerfeed on this pump.

The top models are perhaps still good, but from one moment, the low-end has lost the basic quality, few things here missing and sad is, that it will cost the manufacturer only few dollars more to give the marker a lot better usability. Marketing > quality...

But trought, the "New Hammer" was really great "semi-finished product". Basic construction was good, materials likewise, and the minor flaws and lacking parts can be supplemeted by enthusiaistic tinker.

I really loved this marker:

Super-consistent, very accurate, light and reliable (with detents and siphon tube). But when I have borrowed him to new players, he came to me back damaged periodically (mainly in the area where is conected grip frame with ASA and sight rail). With my other pumps (Sterlings, Tigershark, PGPs, P68) there were not such like problems - "New Hammer" needs be simply good threated. And because I personally do not play with CA pumps often... SC.

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