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I now have "my" J12 back in my hands and she is awesome. I feel sorry for the bad guys on the other side of her because that autotrigger is EVIL!

I sent my original J12 back to them and they built a new one because there is a tolerance issue (as far as Rod can tell - hasn't ripped my gun apart to check it out) between height between the sear and hammer.

They even went as far as putting my crew's name (Team Fat Kid) on the clamp ring as a way of saying sorry for the issues that I had.

This is why these guys are one of the best companies to deal with in paintball. They went over and above what they needed to to make sure that I had a gun that I would love.

Here is our future snake player: My best friend's daughter

She saw the box and grabbed the marker out of it and then went around shooting daddy
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