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Machinists, need your input...

I have access to a lathe at work, but the chuck only goes down to about 5/8" diameter. I don't use it a lot, and don't know much more other than basic facing/cutting, and how to avoid crashing the thing.

I have a couple of small parts I'd like to run on it (mostly 1/2" brass rod stock getting center drilled and cut down to 1/4" diameter for a small section. Since the part's final ID doesn't need to be bigger than 1/2", I'd rather use 1/2" stock than cutting down 3/4" that will actually fit the chuck of the lathe.

I'm not looking to buy expensive equipment for the lathe I don't own, and frankly I can't predict how much it would get used anyway, so can I just chuck this up in the existing chuck and use it safely/reliably?

1 32 1 2" Geared Drill Chuck with 3 4 SS Arbor Shank and Key | eBay

Or is there a better way that won't break the bank or require me to perform operations I'm really not qualified for?

Now I'm starting to wonder how much of a dumbass I'm going to sound like for asking this....
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