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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
And yes, this will be getting turned at lower speed, I have no reason or desire to be turning this at 3200 RPM or anything stupid like that. I'm an amateur, not an idiot.
When I said slow, I meant closer to ~600 RPM (good speed for cold folded steel) to start with. Do some testing.

Another thing you could do: Ask whoever is in charge of the lathe (or just your boss) if there is a smaller chuck that will go smaller than 5/8ths somewhere in the back storage room? The shop that I work in typically has more than one size of just about anything you could possibly need.

You never know, wouldn't hurt to ask.

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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
What ever happened to the Hit-It-And-Quit-It answer? Knock the bottom out of that, let her know it's all physical for you and then bounce like a dropped baby.

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