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Grey Ghost Feed project:

Thank You goes out to the following individuals in order of the project:

TITUS for having a VIBE sale, it’s all your fault

Whoever sold me the cheap brand new Grey Ghost feed

martix_agent for selling me the $6 VIBE

Dave Brewer of GOG for letting me bother him for parts and answers

GOG for selling me the complete ENMEY solenoid set up before it was released for public sale (During pre order on MCB)

KPCS for Drilling and shaping the Grey Ghost feed system to fit the VIBE/ENVY/SP1/G1/ENMEY/G1-M body Thank you for taking care of the customer first

PPS for making the LH/RH feed and for shaping the line SI feed to the VIBE/ENVY/SP1/G1/ENMEY/G1-M body

DISCO sharing pictures and information helped a whole lot during this project.

SSC thanks for making the main part(s) that made this whole project come together. At minimum you have the measurements to make a VIBE/ENVY/ENMEY shim.

EBAY for the Punisher Skull detent covers.


This whole project is based off of a LAPCO feed system. Just looking at this part gave me the idea to take this project forward.

As the yrs of paintball have gone by, I’ve collected more stuff then I can remember. One day I was looking on the Internet and found a Grey Ghost Vertical Feed. It wasn’t for the $60 bucks that LAPCO wanted.

It cost me a whole $20 shipped. Yep I hit a great deal and knew it. My plan was to put this on a cocker project that was forgotten yrs ago. So this sat around in the shop for a while. Then one day I found it again. What to do with it.

This idea/concept is nothing new. Many players have been shooting SP1s and VIBEs with out the body shells for sometime now. DISCO on MCB has had a highly modified SP1.

However this question lingers on the minds of those out there that are afraid to ask or try due to torment and bullying on the internet, by other players, for what they think is a stupid idea.

Blackrain doesn’t think that way, I’m all for innovated ideas. Seeing what others are doing and maybe seeing ideas that I over looked for my projects. This sport doesn’t progress with out ideas and warped minds.

I want this project to turn a few heads on the field and have questions asked about it. Hopefully GOG will see this as maybe a new market. I don’t know. Who knows, maybe a few of the last remaining Air Smiths out there will offer this as a mod conversion. I can only hope.

The Feed Systems:

I looked at my newly found parts of VIBES and ENMEY,(the main parts I bought from Martix_Agent on MCB) and had an idea. Why not just use the body tube and put a feed on it. As simple as that, yea right. There is always a snag. I soon discovered the feed needed shaping to the body radius.
KPCS was trading cash or work for Cocker parts and I figured what I needed was worth a WORKS frame. Two weeks later it comes home. Bolted on and perfectly aligned. The feed was shaped to the body radius and the screw holes weren’t thru the body. It was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

My whole project reasoning, is to make this platform a convertible feed style marker. We already have Vertical feed, so why not LH/RH feed. So off to PPS to have my Line SI feed milled, drilled and soldered to fit.

The feed had been soldered once before for another project. It served it’s purpose the way it was, but this time it needed to be aligned and shaped to perfection.

I chose PPS because it's OLD SCHOOL and when it comes to BRASS, they are the main choice. I also like this reasons:

“Custom Still Means Something”

Ever wonder why PPS is still around? For that very reason.

GOG Mechanical Noid/3Way:

I could not figure out what my platform was going to be. Then I found an entire Mechanical 3 way for my GOG ENMEY complete and ready to go.
I bought this before the ENMEY was released to public during the MCB pre sale. Called up to ask the tech a question, next thing I know I’m buying a back up 3WAY for my ENMEY review.
So it was decided then and there, this was going to be a convertible Mechanical/Electric version (I have lots of E-boards ready to go). I need to quite calling GOG for stuff .

The Frame:

VIBE and ENMEY frame. Both are part of this project. If you are going to do it, do it right.

I wanted to use a Cocker frame or an Impulse frame. However this idea fell threw. I’m not wasting tons of dollars, trying to have a frame and tray milled, move the trigger switch off the board and possibly move the 3way location.

The Board:

Just a stock re-flashed Smart Parts board. I was going to put a Virtue board on this, but I’ll use it on my sleeper.

The Frame shim:

Once the frame was decided upon, it was time to do a partial assembly with a VIBE frame till my ENMEY frame arrived from GOG (Thanks Dave Brewer).

Well problems arose right from the get go (as if this was going to be a problem free project).
There was a big gap between the frame and the main body. What was I going to use to fill the gap. First thought was round stock aluminum and then an Auto Mag rail base.
Then I thought Impulse frames and trays are plentiful time to hit EBAY.

Okay my idea didn’t work. I had a 50/50 chance it would. Which in the mean time, I was in contact with SSC on MCB.
While sitting around and waiting for items to be sent and come back, I came up with an idea to hack up a VIBE body I had laying around and use it for a shim. I contacted DISCO on MCB and asked what he had used for a gap filler. His response “I used the SP1 body”.

Thru dremel tool, sand paper, file and a lot of patience I came up with my proto type shim. It fit and I was in business. Now I could give SSC a working proto type to measure his work off of, and make me a metal shim.
Hopefully SSC or GOG will one day offer this complete service. It would be nice to have these available in Nylon or Aluminum.

Detent Covers:

Here is the issue, I like to run my guns blind. Why not, this gun platform does not if on a VERY RARE occasion, chop paint. 1 in every 6000-10,000 rounds for me if that. So I had to cover my detents, so they wont fall out.

I looked at DISCO’s gun again and he used the same idea I had thought of. He used the body detainment tab for eye covers. Well I guess I'll be different You guys know me, I search for the odd and unusual.

So I searched on line and found these Punisher type detent covers that go on a Spyder. Fits my personality just fine.

I wasn’t sure if they needed filing or not. The VIBE bodies are a round tube, so I will need to “Radius” the detent covers if needed.


Good old stock regulator I got in a trade on PBN. Stock used board for a used regulator was the trade. I really like these stock regulators. I’m told they are the exact same thing on a LUX, but in a different housing. I guess that’s a good thing. I have never had one fail on me yet.

I service it and change all the Orings.


I’m just going with the standard Smart Parts FREAK Kit. It’s a proven design, I like the system, I have a lot of inserts, and I have several Impulse threaded Freak Backs laying around in my gear bag. Found the things cheap on Ebay.

You would be surprised what you can find for cheap when a paintball company goes out of business and people think they won’t be back.
The player then tries to sell everything off cheap to recoup some cash.

I could Freak Bore a stock barrel, but that’s reserved for my sleeper ENVY.

How to cover it:

This is a big decision. Hydrograph, Dura Coat, or just leave it? I could anodize it, but unless someone is going to make me an aluminum frame for REAL CHEAP or FREE, anodizing won’t happen, cause plastic won’t anodize and I’m not going to have a
HALF A$$ finished gun.

What it all looked like after completion:

Here it is. I hope it looks nice and appealing. If not who cares what your opinion is J/K. It’s mine not yours
As usual comments and suggestions are accepted.

My only regret is I couldn’t have the body milled for a better look. The internal Diameter is just not the same all the way thru and I have to find someone willing to take on the project for cheap.

Was it all worth it:

Some people would say I wasted my time. Others would say I didn’t. Over all, this gun was made out of parts I had laying around the shop, I either got very cheap or was just given.
If I were to build a VIBE/ENVY out of all I had laying around, I would say my total expense well under a new marker.
So why not go out on a limb and see if this platform could be improved or just given another look.

That’s just what I did, like a few others out there did. It just puzzles the HELL out of the:

“I’ve been playing for two yrs, I’m a pro cause I have a $1600 space gun” player.

You know those guys that know everything but can’t even change an O-ring or the gun sucks because they were to stupid to leave it alone or read the owners manual.

It’s funny but we have all been down that road before. Some of us just learned our lesson the first time.

I know I contracted out most of the work and why not. I want the best for my projects.

I’m sure there are a few out there that will say,

“You hardly did any of the work, I would have done it all myself”.

Guess what, I have a job and responsibilities I have to attend everyday. I can’t just sit around dreaming about working in a paintball shop and joining a D3 team all day long.

I did have all the control and direction in this project. That’s what matters. I got exactly what I wanted and if not I listen to the advice I was given by the machinist and went from there with the info.

I hope this project has changed a lot of minds about what can be done to this gun/marker. It’s a very simple plantform to work with, just have to be creative


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