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Originally Posted by Walking_Target
the only way they will grab a decent market share is by doing what Smart Parts did with the Ion, and under cut their competitors in the pricing game.
Exactly the price war is too much for them. $650 is a lot when you can buy a used B2K for $100 or even pick up a nice shocker or other "high end" marker used for less than that price. Don't get me wrong, I love ICD but I think they are gonna have to change advertising strategies if they plan on competing with SP, WDP, or Dye. Too many others have tried and failed. The Diadem, the O3 from odessey, the Interceptor from AlienPB, there are others but they were so short lived I cant remember names. The point is if you want to be a contender you have to undersell the big dogs.

(on the bright side it looks nice and light, might have to get one once they start selling on ebay for way too little)

AGD and ICD should team up come out with a super light super fast gun and market it together. That would be sweet!
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