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Originally Posted by Chris From Flurry View Post
Does anybody know of a fitting that has female threads that the Enmey banjo could screw into and then either have a barb or hose press fit on the other end? I need something like that so I can keep the 3 way in the trigger frame and relocate the solid molded hose rear fitting end to the body in a remote location (not attached to the frame).
You could potenially use a 10/32(?) threaded bushing and an old Cocker hose barb from a ram or 3way
I dont have an Enemy but have messed with Ion XEs,I think the banjos are the same.The threads on the banjos are the same size as the frame screw threads.Just find a threaded bushing and scrounge up a Cocker barb from a ram,seeing as the OP is low I dont think you need to worry about the bushing failing.Just a thought ,nothing I've tried personally
Deathwish had some realy nice threaded 6 way cube manifold thingies awhile back,basicly a cube with threaded ports on all sides
Dont qoute me on thread size, its off the top of my head from my Empire Relay frame mod,had to do some oddball hose routing and barb swaping to make it work how I wanted
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