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hmmmm. Having met Kyle aka FPSRussia at an event in upstate NY a few years back he didn't strike me as a violent man. He just seems to really enjoy neat firearms as a hobby/business and seems to actually really push gun safety. As he put it to me FPSRussia is like Borat he's a character that basically satirizes the Russian love of alcohol and guns. Simple as that.
no offense, but in a few years, a person can change, events can change and people will not be who they were. money changes people very quickly and wives/women change men even faster. these are things we don't know and haven't learned yet.

we can't cast stones on anyone. his charges are wide and varied. the licenses he doesn't have are different than the possible murder charges. so let's not judge him till all the facts are in.
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Watching the grass blow in the wind sometimes causes it to shift from red to green to red and keep repeating itself. Makes my acid using friends jealous

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