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Very custom PPS SuperStocker for trade/sale $560 shipped


Hey guys and gals,

I'm again putting this very nice custom Palmer's up for trade/sale today

I will be leaving for USMC boot camp on June 3rd so if you want it after that point too bad

-I will look at any and all trades with the exception of other stock class markers

-That said, offer up anything at all paintball related I may or may not be interested. I am biased toward nice open class pumps and mech cockers but I will consider all offers....... CCM, AGD, GOG enmey's, Planet Eclipse, Bob long, axes, ninja tanks, I4's, full set ups, Dye, anything that can take a hopper and shoot paintballs at approximately 285 FPS

-Real steel offers will also be looked at, I like 7.62x39 rifles/accessories and I would like a walther PPS or subcompact glock

-I will do a straight trade, partial trade, or all cash sale

-My cash price will be $560 firm so take that into account when offering trades

Condition is fantastic both cosmetically (9.5/10) and functionally (10/10). Gun shoots very straight and is quite the attention grabber while being functional as well

Specs are as follows:

.680 bore
Delrin ultra quick strip bolt
45* right offset feed (switchable between rock forward and rock backwards)
custom integrated hexagonal sight hood
Stubby barrel
Nickel highlights
Dual ball detents
Nickel trigger shoe
Nickel billet grips
Nickel CCI bucket changer
Nickel RVA
Nicker Vert ASA
Nickel Front plug
Rib running length of barrel
Triple Wedgits

My pictures

previous owners pictures with better lighting

Currently have: ULE Automag

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