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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
Im just guessing here, could it be an open class Phantom , wevo under cocking with a T sorta stock with ASA, spyder type tall feedneck? ****!! and it might have been hanging on a nail...
Yup, sounds just like the marker I left behind.
Thanks to all for some great games. Thanks to Gil for bringing it all together. Thanks to Iggy for giving up his personal SPEW shirt. Thanks to Sean and Darren for helping me get my project up and running for Sunday and thanks to the continuing MCB contingent making these the best two weekends of play in a year. Finally, thanks to Sniper for the amazing photos, I haven't had a single good action shot of myself until now. Nice to meet you Fred, end Echo. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall...
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Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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