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lol I know I meant some place that's like here but for photography ie a dedicated photog forum. Like I said POTN seems like PBN basically a bunch of pros and pro wannabes with more money than brains tied up in their gear who decide to have big pissing matches and heaven forbid you should have a different opinion. Literally had one guy slag me off because I told him that asking $800 or $600 (he had 2 different Canon 5D MKI bodies he offered me at those crackpipe prices) was insane and that I had already taken an offer for more things than he was offering for less money. He proceeds to tell me no way possible is someone going to sell me a 5D for $540 and that there obviously has to be something wrong with it and that I'll be disappointed and I'm stupid for spending my money with that seller rather than him. Almost wanted to reply back with F off and eat buddy

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