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Words cannot describe how proud I am to be a member of this team..Most of us have not played together since winning the World Cup in 1994..We fielded 6 guys in their mid to late 50's some of which have not played Paintball in over 10 years,without a single practice. some guys didn't even have any current equipment, never playing with or against electro Markers and we won.How can this happen?I will tell you ...It's Woodsball,there is a totally different skill set that does not allow age or size to become a factor in the outcome... It is all about working together,moving from side to side and not just forward,rotating players on the field while in play,communication and experience..Speedball players need to take a good look at events like this and experience this style of play and stop hating on it!!!!! One thing we all have in common is we are competitors,we love the rush of playing paintball and we want to play as long as we can..So support the UWL and Woodsball events anytime you can because without this style of play where are you guys going to compete after Speedball?

Couldn't say it any better...This was a reply on PBN from the Master Blasters after winning the PRO division at a UWL tourney in Maryland.

I don't want to start the WB vs Speedball thing but he makes some good points. In woodsball Tourneys....your equipment can be old and the player older. ANYBODY can still compete AND win.
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