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This is nothing new. It has happened many times before. It is because of this that I when I fly, I take pictures of everything in my gearbag (Don't worry as much about clothing, and electronics are with me in carry on stuff), get as much info about every item that I can (Make, model, color, serial number, upgrades, etc.) and then use it to help me out with my travels. I make a document that lists what flights I am on, when, from and to each place, as well as I then document everything, from the gearbag down to the incidentals like o-rings. I keep one document on my home computer, one in my laptop (Now it will be my iPad), one on a flash drive, and print up two of them, one for the checked on luggage, one for my carry on luggage. I also keep the pictures on my computer, the laptop, and flash drive. Using TSA locks that show when they have been opened, when I get to my destination, I first look at the locks, to see if they have been opened. If so, I pull out my camera, which can take video, and make a quick video, showing where I am, what time and date that it is (Cell phone comes in handy for this), and then show that the lock has been opened, followed by opening it up and checking through it right there. I don't care if someone thinks that my purple FSP Viking might look like a weapon, damn it, I need to know if anything is missing.

I have had one item disappear one time. It was a Protege. The airline tried to tell me, at first, that they were not going to do anything because the luggage wasn't hard sided. Seeing as it was an Empire gearbag, it was hard sided, not that it mattered. And just to make things worse, no one from the airline, when I went to let them know about the item being missing, even looked at my luggage. Mind you, on their site, it does state that sporting goods are to be shipped in hard sided luggage. So I asked them what that mattered? I could understand if the item was damaged, but it wasn't damaged, nor was anything else. It was gone. Then they said that they would reimburse me, but they needed receipts. I was okay with that, even though I had bought it from someone used. I worked for a paintball store, so I was able to get a receipt for the item made up. Then they weren't going to follow through with the reimbursement, because it was not an item that the store normally carried. Didn't matter, but I stuck to it. Finally, they reimbursed me for like $85% of the value of the marker with an OLED board, since that is what I had.

It seems a bit overboard, but the paranoia helps. I have had my bag opened a couple more times when I have flown, but nothing else has ever been missing. I am going to have to do what Blackrain does from now on.
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