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The price of Military Surplus these days, jeez.......

You know, sometimes......

So, I flew in from Regina to Ottawa too visit family. Wile here, I wanted to see if I could find myself a Canadian Airforce gor tex flight jacket (blue, lots of pockets, fleece lined, ect.). Today, my family and I went to three army surplus shops to try to find one (I would have given up after the first one, but my father doesn't give in that easy). Each shop had only a small handful of the the type I was looking for stuffed way back in a corner or under a pile of other airforce goods. Can anyone guess how much each shop was asking?........... 90 bucks. ninety freaking dollars!!! Nearly $100......... for a "surplus" jacket.

Listen, I used to work for a surplus. I know how these shops get their supply. The stuff is like dirt, and should be sold like dirt if you want to move your product in order to bring more in. Heck, we used to get the Airforce gortex jackets in and couldn't hardly give the bloody things away. I guess no one likes blue. Like dude, I would pay at most $60 for a nice one. But this stuff should be going for much cheaper. I mean, it's called surplus for a reason.

Looking on-line now, getting pretty much the same the deal. Ebay, looks like $50 is what I'm seeing them go for. But shipping is killing any hopes of picking one up from there.

Sigh.......... I'll shut up now......
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