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WTB TPX Stuffs...Mag Pouchs, barrel, strait remote?

Hi there MCB.

Got me a TPX, now I need some stuff for it!

I am looking for a TUFF Products 8 In-Line Mag Pouch

I want it in Tan and I want the Double Stack version that will hold the .9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP Double Stack B92F/G17-21/HK45

Also looking for a Stock Phenom Barrel and one of those nifty Strait Remote lines with the normal QD and slide check.

I need a Price shipped to CANADA! (Shipping has been my biggest issue, Every retailer selling these insists that the cost of shipping is almost equal to the cost of the item I am trying to buy!)

Therefore if I can package all this up in one bundle and only have one package shipped North, then it helps!


Bonus points if you can bundle this with a Single M4 mag pouch in Tan as well...

Edit: I could also settle for a Tan 40mm bandolier...

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