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Oh hey guys...spread the word for me if you have folks at least sign up on the Meetup group sites for this EVEN if they plan to pay cash the day of the event. Because of the fact that we had so many people Giant wants to make sure we're not recruiting folks in the parking lot. We didn't do that but I want to show them we're not so using that one location to at least keep a list of names of the folks going.

Also...I got them to agree to pre-print wrist bands and air tags for us based on the list I give them a few days prior so we have them READY go when folks arrive this time so we can hit the field faster! I have to have names for that though and it will be finalized probably by close of business the Friday before (because I'll have to prepay as well). Only prepaid folks will have their wrist bands waiting for them the day of. You WILL need your waiver also to get a wrist band so to speed things along download, print, fill out for you and your guests PRIOR to showing up if you can and it will REALLY help!
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