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Originally Posted by davehome333 View Post
although you are correct, it all comes down to personal preference. If you have a super rare PL LCD then you can probably get more than $600 if you can find the right buyer.

I can tell you right now that I have a fetish for Ironmen LCD's and Impact LCD's. for the right LCD I might budge north of $600, but in general you just dont see angels retaining their value like the AKA guns do.

If i had to speculate as to why Angels dont sell like vikings do its probably because AKA was put out of business early in it's lifetime (by a company that we all love to hate) essentially AKA stopped production during a growth and popularity cycle. On the other hand WDP's popularity and growth kinda fell off right as timmy's and DM's became popular. WDP should have made a stacked tube LCD variant with eyes similar to the Evil-M. that would have been boss.
I agree with both concepts.

The only Ironmen LCD I would pay more than 5-600 for would be bigcanada's black one with all sorts of rare parts. It is also tuned and shooting. If a PL gun is missing parts and doesn't work, I immediately start subtracting from the average sale value (not their asking price).

That wdp and aka comparison is right on the money.
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