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Well, facemill and boring head won't really be tough to use if you mount em with a straight shank "holder" into the collet, issue with that is that it sticks out further from the spindle and rigidity is reduced... which limits your tool load and puts more wear and tear on the spindle bearings. Ideally a boring head should be fitted directly to a taper shank holder (screw on) and then loaded into the spindle taper, or a facemill with a shell mill type holder... the trick would be sourcing said holders (may exist for B&S tapers but tricky to find), or making your own (not difficult for a seasoned machinist on good manual equipment).

that being said... for small bore work you probably won't have any problems, and face milling might also not be a requirement for the kind of work you do, most work I do with facing is either done side mill (big end mill), or just stepover face milling (again, big end mill).
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