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Not quite "in the mail," but from Kijiji. When the seller didn't respond to my emails, he had either sold it already and was just teasing me, or wasn't getting notifications from Kijiji (which happens way more often than it should, and it why you should always have an email or phone number listed!!). I posted another ad that basically said "Hey owner of this ad (insert link), I want to buy this from you. Call me." He had that Eraser on Kijiji for months for dirt cheap and hadn't gotten one response before me.

Got 4 more magazines on sale (for 7 total), THE LAST KT utility belt in town (I called, I hunted. I found this one without a package all lonely on a hook at MR. Paintball), turned a TPX barrel plug down to .43 and made a barrel squeegee (because none of the shops in town carry that stuff).

Jebus has 10 boxes of 50 x 12 grams in the mail, one of which is mine. Gonna be a good summer!
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