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Mine has got to be that initial desperate run off the break - something about that initial speed coupled with trying to advance as far as possible without getting eliminated is one of my favorite parts of the day.
Funny story from me. I got rid of my pod pack, one hopper full, 13/3k tank on my Phantom. Ready to sprint as far as I can off the start. Go left side. Sprint off the break. Just keep going. Looking at the ground a bit to make sure I don't trip on anything (woodsball). Look up and see 8 guys in front of me. Turn around to every which side, seeing the closest teammate 30 feet behind me. No close bunkers, only one skinny tree that won't give me cover. Get lit up by 8 people. That was fun.

For me though, it's the first game. It's where all the adrenaline kicks in. It's been a while, and you're a little scared, heart racing. You want to start the day off right, and make plays. But you don't want to leave empty-handed your first game.
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