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Funny connected Monster Game videos

It cracked me up when I noticed this. Pete U, the General of the red side, put up a great video of the monster game 2011. I think it really shows Hell Survivors well and the last part of the vid is Mr U making a SWEET solo infiltration of the village and changing the flag surrounded by 30 or 40 yellow. Had he hit back to the woods, instead of trying to cross the road to the spools, I'm sure he would've walked away clean but I would've made the same move probably, the fun's in shootin' folks! If you never get hit you're not playing hard enough!

Hells survivors 2011 - YouTube

At about 7:30 right after the lunch speedball tourney, he and I take off for a run. The plan is for us to help take the Highlands castle, a 3 story Scottish tower type, then move around the pentagon where any defender of the highlands will have to pass. after that move down across the bridge and try and take the castle.

One of the great videographers at Hell Survivors (YDNA from PBN and ZDSPB)has a video on repeated takings and attempts to take the castle at the same Monster game that really shows how not to do it and how to do it. He gets a little Cursey so be warned there's bad language in spots

Attempts to take the Castle (Michigan Monster Game 2011) '09 Impulse - YouTube

At around 1:30, he starts a move towards the castle and films Pete and I going in the front door.
We helped take the Highlands castle, then we moved around the pentagon taking out a 4 man patch of defenders. After that we moved down across the bridge and tried to take the castle.

Not that I can call 'em or anything...

We got the shootist(I love that movie) treatment going in the door.

It wasn't some paratroopingscubaninja that got us wiped out, it was the guy standing around in the castle like he was at an art gallery drunk on wine.

NOBODY stands there...
Except that guy.
What would've made him a goat any other time made him a hero right then!

Gooooood times!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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