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I had one for a couple months

I found it to be an impractical as anything I've ever seen. Keep in mind, in the "traditional" rules of paintball, if they hit the bow in any place, you're out

It's as novelty as anything I've ever seen in paintball

I'm sure if you went up to an 80+ pound draw, you might be able to get the velocity up to something useable, but using RPS Premium from about 50 feet away, I had a hard time making paint break on anything but the hardest of targets. If you don't hit a mask lense, loader or tank, it's just going to bounce. And anyone using even the most inaccurate rental gun, will overpower you and shoot you out with ease

Maybe for teaching kids archery, without the worries of arrows, I'd be all over this. But for something to actually use on a paintball field, against REAL opponents, this novelty is laughable at best.

This ranks up there with the Goblin, just a gadget for lulz

Proudly rocking the most sophisticated, state of the art, highest rates of fire, most expensive, most sparkly and most accurate space dildo's ever made in paintball, hoooooooo wahhhhhh!!!
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