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Originally Posted by Slim View Post
Originally posted that they would attend - just need to confirm to let us know if they are coming, if they are bringing anyone else and if they're camping:
The Shootist
dgorman47 & his brother
Pauly from Cousins
Pyrate Jim

You doubt me?
I'll be there like Speedy Gonzales.
I'll have the Hound there Saturday to steal food from CraigO, but I need to take her home that night. So no camping ~ it's only 30 minutes away.
I have a couple extra beds if that would entice some of out-of-state visitors who are thinking about coming but can't do the camping scene.
Should I bring extra food? Other refreshments?

Sunday the hound stays home, but I'll have Scooby-Doo with his Sombrero.
And of course more SC markers than I'll be able to use in case someone needs to borrow one.

One other thing I might mention, Cinco de Mayo is traditionally celebrated with fireworks. As much as I love sparkly displays & big bangs, this is something we need to avoid as it is likely to attract undue attention from the wrong sort of "concerned citizens".
Let's keep our little party private & safe.
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