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Originally Posted by spydrmn22 View Post
I watched the video and was not too impressed. Who introduces a new gun without a working prototype? All I heard was "This is what it's going to have, or this is what it will come with when finished", It looks like a Vangaurd gun to me. It's super tall and looks awkward to me but that's just my opinion but I guess we'll see how well it sells when it comes out.
I can see your concern, however Josh has been really up front and very honest about what J4 has released. So far I'm not worried at all to put my money on the line for one of these. Thus far we have seen more into this markers development and prototyping than any other marker in it's class. I think this marker has tremendous potential and I really don't think Josh would let it go to the market without being 100% satisfied with the markers performance, look, and ergonomics.

Worse case scenario the whole paintball industry gets to learn a thing or two from J4 positive or negative.
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