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Originally Posted by ZanderC View Post
The V-Force Pro-Vantage is $25.00+ shipping:

Personally, I like the V-Force Profiler myself. I also believe it's a foolish argument to say that your goggles shouldn't cost as much as your marker. Frankly I want my goggles to be BETTER than my marker. It's better to miss an opponent than to lose one's eyesight. That having been said, spending more doesn't mean that you're getting more protection. I am a fan of cheaper markers (I'm a Tippmann Fan and prefer taking out people armed with thousand-dollar markers) but I'm no fan of cheap goggles. You only have one set of eyes. Paintballs are cheap (relatively speaking). Eyes aren't.
I do believe it is foolish to say your goggles should not cost as much as your marker when I have been more than happy with my X-fires ($25 w/ thermal lens) for years. It has been a real trooper and has been fog free including when I have been wearing glasses underneath the entire time. The $90 masks actually protect you less because they are more open in the chin and neck area. They also normally have larger holes to allow your hot breath to escape but it also allow paint and shell in. I am not saying "Wear some $5 shop goggles, they are good enough.", just that the law of diminishing return shows that what you get for $90 is not a lot more than what you can get for $25-$45. It is that intial $25 cost that protects you because that is the cost of a decent mask, goggles and lens combination for a manufactor. Is it the best, probably not, but better than shop goggles or a welding mask.

So I guess that you are saying that you enjoy playing with a marker that costs as much as your $25 Profiler
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