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Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
I am that small.

That is a fair complaint - before to many people jump to our defense.

We had the internals setup in the prototypes and have several running guns, test guns, and related. But building an good looking external body was not our best skill set.

We hired a designer to whip it into a new body, and well, they dropped the ball. It happens. We already had PBE booked so we took the CAD files back, whipped it into something we could show and went from there. If we had gotten the 'ball' back a week earlier we could have had a running gun there.

This is not how it was planned at all, nor how we expected to launch. This has cost us a lot of money, time, and well, 'Face.'

Unlike some other companies though, we are NOT taking pre-orders, even though people have literally be saying 'Take my money!' - shoot, we are not even releasing the price until we have the gun out for third party review. We want to have the guns vetted, seen, tested and out in the open before we take anybodies money. In addition we are not going to take pre-orders like a normal company, but set up a batch of escrow accounts so we actually do not recieve payment until we ship the product. This protects the customer.

It doesn't make sense to build a gun people don't know much about, and might not like, and dump on the market right away. We want people to know what they are getting.

In that, we already have bought the first batch of long lead items up front, and have fit into the budget some room to expidite the other long lead items to have a quicker turn around, so pre-orders can go out in a couple weeks instead of 6-8.

We won't sell the gun until it is ready. Nor will we take anybodies money. Nor will we hype and build this up to be something it isn't just so we can have a ton of sales at first. We are just fine with starting slowly and making sure we take our time and do it right. This is our first product, we need to do it right, and while we could have put out something substandard already, or taken peoples money, we chose not to.

We will see. So feel free to not rush and order right away. Wait till it is on the market. I think we will hold our own just fine.

We are playing the 'long game' with this, and expect most sales to come from people who have shot it recommending it. So while up front communication is key, we are NOT saying this is "the new coming for paintball!", the "best thingy evar!!1!" or 'shoots Lazars!'

It is a paintball gun in a slightly different layout that is smooth, easy to work on and has some features that make it fairly solid to play with. It will be just what some people want, not some others. We are okay with that.

this is what paintball needs.

paintball needs people who are smart, want to do whats best for the game, and whats best for business in the long run.

not the quick buck, no support, and gone in 6 months guys....

im rootin for ya, and i cant wait to see this take the world by storm!
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