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Why is my luck so bad with (new) pistols...

Every pistol besides the old zeus TI I owned has treated me horrible.

2 TiPX out of box chopped (made a noise of air releasing out of the trigger guard as trigger pulled). Didn't have time to troubleshoot due to changing commands.

2 T8.1s (friends) broken on day one of use. (Friend who doesn't take care of them took them apart and probably didn't put them together right. (Didn't have time to troubleshoot but he says I can have em if I fix em.' I am going home soon for a week, so I am motivated to figure it out and get em fixed).

A few more here and there too. It seems like my problem is time to fix em'

I really enjoyed the times when the TPX's worked though... Really want to try again, but I took a hit on selling them and don't want a repeat...

Oooh, a splatmaster treated me great though!

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