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I was playing with a mod'd gun last night in UVHM leveling up for a while with some random people and killed Jackenstein and went to grab the SMG he drops and accidentally swapped it out for my mod'd Gub and a person I had been playing with for quite a while bolted up and grabbed it before I could toss something crappy out and reclaim it. I am sure they thought they just got quite a prize, I can't wait till they realize it disappeared when you leave the game and its not in your bank. I was about to tell them I would dupe it for them and tell them all how to keep it, but their impatience cost them. Good thing I made more to put in my bank haha.

They have released new codes almost every day this week so if you watch them pay close attention now as most have only been good for 1 maybe 2 days. I missed out on a couple because I forgot to put them in that day while playing.
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