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I had the same issue/s, which is why 4 TPX's and 6 T8/8.1's later the Zeus is still firmly in the holster of my pistol belt.

Actually, my problems were never failures of the mechanicals so much as failures of the designs. T8's- mags too heavy to carry enough paint without reloading mags on the field and that was a pain in the balls. TPX- 8 round mags crushed paint and jammed. 7 round mags with the lighter springs got the slightest amount of sand/dirt/dust in them and jammed. Made my TPX an overhead springfeed like my Zeus and that was the most functional it ever was for me. Then the grip angle kept bothering me and back to the Zeus and a proper 1911 frame I went.

Now I'm building one out of an eNMEy, lighter than the Zeus, removable barrel, great frame, great trigger, regulated, and it'll be overhead spring feed for reliability. Just can't beat 10-round tubes, as far as I'm concerned.
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