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Yeah, I found myself working my way back to using ten-shooters too after a relatively brief stint with the two main magfeds - less working parts, less things that can go wrong with it!
The first pistol I used (and my first actual marker) was a T68 pistol, so I guess using tubes will always feel more natural to me. Besides, this Nellie just shoots soooo good I can't see myself using anything else again (Smiley did an awesome job with it)!

My teammates TiPX though has never had a problem with it, I just don't find it comfortable to use. I borrowed it for a game last week while he tried out the Nellie and I was genuinely suprised at how well it performed after the amount of time I'd been using my 8.1. You barely notcied the mags on your hip.
Last game I ran with my 8.1, I somehow blew every O-ring in it bar two of the mags. I guess it didn't like the amount of mud you get on a field during the British winter!

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Despite their proximity, the Wolfman from Leeds is not related to any werewolf in London, but he is first cousins with the Northern Mi dogman.

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