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Empire BAMF vest

So I sit here, dirty and covered in paint after a great day of play using my new vest and figured I would do a quick review on it. The Empire BAMF just came out and I feel that it really is what I have been searching for, for awhile.

The vest has very nice construction and I believe will last for a good long while (time will tell). The pod holders are nice and the pods slide in and out very well with their elastic ejectors and plastic molded thingys that keep the holders open for reinsertion. Didn't use the tank pouch, cause I don't use em, but it is there and seems that it will perform its function well. The vest is so breathable with the nice mesh fabric that they use for the base construction. The elastic waist band helps with this very nicely, I used the band to secure the vest in place and left the front a little loose but everything stayed in place. Having it slightly loose helped the log shot bounce factor without turning it into a cheating setup. The fit was what really got me tickled. I'm 6'8" and finding a vest to fit me well has been quite a chore. The vest is very adjustable and I was able to make a great fit, something that has been harder than you might imagine. I would say its fit is for the medium to large croud, small players will have a tough time and fluffy players will be unable to use the waist band without an extender (I'm on the fluffy side myself) but for 90% of us, it'll work.

All in all, very happy. Very very happy. I have been looking for a good scenario setup and I believe that Empire has given us exactly what we need as players. More color choices would have been nice, but from a performance standpoint, this is everything and does everything that a paintballer needs, and does it well. Cheers!
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