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CCM drops, Nummech drop, Loudner, WWA tip, Lapco FS barrel

Need to sell a few things that haven't been used at all or haven't received much use. As always I'll keep it short and sweet:

Left to right, top to bottom:
  • DBD 6 tube panel, Multicam (KEE tubes included) , x2. $60 shipped SOLD
  • Techt MRT High Performance Spring Kit (new). $12 $10 shipped SOLD
  • Techt MRT Mini/Axe bolt (new). $20 $16 shipped SOLD
  • BPP Boss bolt, missing yellow spring. $18 shipped SOLD
  • CCM reverse drop, black (new). $20 $18 $16 shipped each
  • Nummech Mini/Axe drop, dust black. $30 $25 $22 shipped
  • Altec Delrin loudner w/ WWA "Tri-tip" 1.5" freak tip. $55 $50 shipped
  • NOS Nelson spring kit complete. $15 shipped SOLD
  • PB Waterpod (new). $6 shipped SOLD

  • T8.1/9.1 LAPCO Str8shot .686 FS barrel, 9" non-rifled. $70 $60 $55 shipped

  • Rainman Undercocking Pump Kit
  • FloryPB Brass 12rd one piece feed
  • FloryPB Brass Bobbed Valve body
  • FloryPB Brass Adjustable T-Stock
  • FloryPB Brass Pump guide Rods
  • Brass 90* Fittings

I've been letting it patina but I'll give everything a good polish before shipping it on to the buyer if that's desired. I'm not interested in parting the Rainman kit.

Looking for $185 175$170 $165 shipped. SOLD

Shipping will be USPS Priority for items over $20. I can accommodate alternate shipping methods but any additional expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. Canadians welcome as always, I just ask that our northern friends help to offset the additional shipping.

Members discount available.

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$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
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I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.

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