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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
That Ferrari driver would have been choked the out if he touched me like that. It would have been 1) he shoves me 2)I put him in a rear naked choke 3) he passes out 4) he wakes up to his car towed and a note on his chest from me saying "next time don't park in a handicap spot and learn not to try and assault people who can you up!.

TL;DR I'd choke his punk *** out and call the towing company.

EDIT: Thinking better I'd just have his *** thrown in jail for assault so he'd wake up in jail AND have his car towed AND get charged with assault
if the ******* wasnt twice his size i doubt it would have went down like that. talking about "excuse me sir i do believed you are urinating on my car. Would it bother you terribly to stop?"
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Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
It was a simple question....I thought.
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