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New record result of my Kingmann New Hammer - after experiments with powertube, valve nut and cup seal modifications, different hammer weight and valve springs - I was able get with the best setup total 469 Joules in 50 usable shoots. First 47 shoots were pretty consistent (avelerage velocity 257 fps) and all safely below 300 fps.

Even when the conditions of test were not optimal for "record hunting", it looks be now the second best known result where are all shoots safely below 300 fps... I was really suprised that the miserable New Hammer with small powertube ID and without reg can be so good... Im hoping for even better results after planed changes on bolt.

Marker details:
- custom stainless steel barrel, ID 17,35-17,40mm (.684"), lenght 9.25"
- custom "CCI Detent ring" ID 17,3mm (.681")
- stock brass hammer lightened from ~50g to 23g
- stock hammer spring, strenght in setup 4 Kg
- valve spring replaced for long black conical Spyder valve spring from 32 Spyder spring set, strenght in setup 2,2-3,2 Kg (oppening force - full opened)
- stock powertube (ID 4,0mm = .157") with input holes modified along WGP Ranger powertube (~ = roundet edges)
- stock valve nut with removed some threads near cup seal sealing face - along know Tigershark mod
- stock cup seal replaced for homemade PTFE cup seal - softer, shorter and with rounded edges on side to valve chamber
- stock BE Q-changer in common back-bottle ASA
- no regulator
- no changes for limitation of expansion/flow in the valve chamber

Conditions of the tests:

Ambient temperature: 13C

Time between shoots: 3-4 seconds (marker is now without any mag - loadet per one ball, with hand)

Real fill of powerlet: 11g
(along the measurement of unused and used powerlet weight... Im using only common digital kitchen weight)

Paint: RPS Evil, one year old.

Paint weight: weight of set of 50 used paintballs was 161g, so avelerage weight of one ball should be 3,22g (but for the KE calculation has been used common weight 3,20g like in other cases).

Paint dimensions: between 17,0-17,6mm (.677-0,693") but mostly 17,2-17,5mm (0,673-0,689"). Every second ball was visibly not round (not surprise after year of stroraging), some have different diameter around seam, on few are visible small flat surfaces...

BTW: with the "same marker" I have performed 10 chrono-test with following small modifications in recent two weeks, more than 350 shoots were fired. Imho it was proven that differences in temperatures (+2C => +12C), real powerlet fill (10-12g) and paint weight (3.20-3.35g), having really only very small effects on performance... at least in comparsion with "small changes" on the marker (for exception change of the hammer weight for 1g (1/28 oz) or spring force for 0,2 Kg ( 0,4 lb) or air channel diameter for 0,2mm (.008") can affect the marker performance really dramatically, sometimes). Imho until you can get more than ~450 Joules from your marker, there is no real reason to mess with such like "scientific" variables like temperature, humidity, powerlet will, paint weight - these variables simply affecting efficiency not so, how he is harmed by common marker flaws...
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