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Originally Posted by StJimmy666 View Post
So how about all the internet tough guys out there just call the towing company and watch the douche's Ferrari get hauled away instead of instigating a fight and "Charging that douche with assault!!!". You really think the cops would just let you walk off?
Pretty sure at the end of it if 1 you can show it was a prank and 2 the fact he's parked in a handicap parking space and his attitude is it's a ferrari it doesn't matter AND you have video evidence of him comimitting assualt BEFORE you touched him I'd imagine you might get a talking to for the prank but would be walking away from the incident scott free. Once the guy pushed him and was acting the way he did one could argue (especially here in Canada) that you felt threatened and acted with the necessary force to stop the threat and prevent injury to yourself. Also parking in a handicap spot if you're not is taken pretty seriously at least around here. With the attitude that guy copped with the prankster who's to say he wouldn't have pulled an attitude like that with a cop. I'd wager he would have been thrown over the hood of an NRP cruiser if that happened around here and would have ended up in handcuffs on the pavement.

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