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Originally Posted by ves206 View Post
Hey guys. Ive been playing pump only for over 5 years. I thought id change a little pace and picked up a GoG enmey. I found myself not playing as aggressive as i do with my ccm and shooting alot more paint. I find it odd that i cant seem to hit players like i do with my ccm. Anyone else have this issue? So i put the gog up forsale and back to just playing with my S6.5 for me.
Gotta change your mindset. I was just talking about this yesterday at the field. When I play with my DSG I go balls to the wall. Run a ton, move from bunker to bunker, get 2-4 eliminations and shoot maybe 20-40 rounds in two 10 minute games. I use my eNMEy and sit still and "hose" people. Shoot a hopper and half a pod per 10 minute game get 1-2 eliminations.

I've actually used my eNMEy with a 50 round hopper and I play almost the same as when I'm using my DSG.
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