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Thanks Guys. Yea I just noticed we are almost neighbors.

Well if anyone is interested in an old school stock game , we are trying to plan one for the beginning of June at Jungle Island.
Guns allowed must be 12 gr powered , horizontal or limited direct feed, no bigger than 50 rd hopper. And no auto trigger. Or at least try not to use it if so equipped.
If you have a question about your gun just PM me.
If you have any old school gun you are welcome to play. Just ask. We had a guy with a SMG60 the last time.
We are open to all skill levels since the guns are limited. But if you have a younger son or daughter that would like to play we do allow semis ONLY for THEM. This makes it easier for them to play and makes it a challenge for us.

The type of markers that we have are
PGP ,Pmi , Kp's , phantoms , and some other Nelson based guns.

Some of us have been playing for over 25 years and still remember The UVEX and woodstock facemasks which were used only to keep your goggles from fogging up. We have had all types of guns from stock to spyders to a-5s to angels but we love the old school style of play that is missing in the "spray and pray" tactics nowadays. Come join us and let's enjoy these old work horses of ours. And laugh how we made someone surrender from 2 ft away.
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