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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
Its easy to shoot at a bunker someone is behind endlessly, better to let others do that while you set up a careful shot.
It's so maddening when I'm posted up on a guy in a bunker who has no idea I'm there and have a perfect shot waiting for him...but everyone else on my team won't quit shooting at him long enough to let him get complacent and come out where I can shoot him. I've on many occasions had to tell multiple teammates "You deal with that guy over to the right. I've got this under control." Sure enough, once his bunker isn't getting hammered, he'll ease out to take a peak. When a stream doesn't immediately start in on him again, he'll poke out a little further. Soon, he's got his whole upper body hanging wide open, unaware that anyone at all is aiming at him. That's when I take my shot.
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