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my first brass gun

I just bought a pgp, in good working order, from long beard. It is non cartridge, with the bolt bearing thing. Missing sights. I'll get pictures up later. I have access to a decent shop, the usual tools, plus a LARGE plasma cutter if that's even useful. And maybe a CNC router. So, my question is (before I get into the cosmetic stuff I intend to do to resell) what are some good starter mods? COMPLETE noob.

OK I decided to make a list of my questions and update them as needed. Feel free to answer via post, PM, or not at all!

1.The hole in the front sight has a bunch of clear glue or epoxy stuck in and around it? How should I go about taking that out? And if the sight has been broken off inside, what then?

2. Do I really need the bearing? I'm sure it serves a purpose, but it seems to hinder the pump stroke. Answered

3. Can I remove the front of the feed tube? Answered

4. What is a quick strip? Answered

5. Can I use a large torch setup to solder and desolder, or is it too strong. Its oxy acetylene. Semi answered

Edit: here is a pic
Nooope. Can't do it. I paste the URL in, just get a blue box...

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