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Originally Posted by Infinity_Max View Post
I was going to put a RVA, but I just really don't like the look of a fast changer. I don't know. It just pools the lines for me. I see a lot of stuff about efficiency, and cartridge vs non cartridge. What should I know about that? How hard would it be to replace the sights? Like I said, first brass gun, LOTS of questions.
While it might not be the most cosmetic thing, having 4 twists to change a 12 gram instead of 25 is a big deal. Plus, it's more surface area to maneuver.
As for a front sight, you can buy a truglo and put it right on.
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As for cartridge vs non cartridge, that's a huge debate that you'll be be off using the search function and reading old threads on it.
Best advice, get a palmer's dynavalve, swap it out, make sure the seals are good, and call it a day. Any more effort seems overkill for a $60 brass pistol.
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