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Originally Posted by sniper42 View Post
I have an ANS venturi and it has given me some problems with chopping. I suspect it is the same issue as running no foamie.
Interesting...I think mine is also an ANS venturi bolt.

Originally Posted by superman View Post
back in the day people would shoot mags and wouldn't have any issues until the last couple of balls they shoot it had something to do with the ball weight above. see if it is happening as you are running low on paint or if it is as you are full on paint. think what happend was the shot or 2 before the last ball caused blow back air to push the ball up and when the last shot was fired it was mid way in the breach unlike all the other balls before having the weight push it down.
It happened both when I was full and low in the stick. Chopped both on first and the last shots... But there was certainly some air forcing its way up the feedneck as occasionally the last ball in the stick would pop out if it had not been pushed passed the feedgate.

Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
That feed neck the way it's angled is going to give you problems, since you are probably also tilting the gun back to fire your shots.

The important data is whether you are chopping on 1st shots, or if it's always chopping in a string of shots. You haven't specified this.

A reasonable test would be to just take the stick feed off and put two balls in. Watch what happens. Do it again and put a tiny amount of finger pressure on the top ball and watch what happens.

The Level 10 works perfectly fine with CO2.

But I see no benefit to your setup over just using a 13ci tank as a stock (unless your field isn't filling HPA or something). The single two best upgrades for an Automag are HPA and LX bolt, and you've managed to eschew both. I'm not sure what your decision making process is, but that looks like an awful lot of money tied up in that Tac body for not a lot of gun.

As usual, we can't troubleshoot with better pics of the setup.
I use the same feedneck on my S6 with no issues and it feeds really well.

Chops happened randomly. begining of the stick, mid way through and at the end. I will try the test you suggest without the stick feed to see what happens.

I always heard that level 10 doesn't like CO2? If it works with CO2 then that may be an option.

My issue with the 13/3000 is a) I don't have one, b) it doesn't get as many shots as the 3.5oz and c) using it bottom lined it is not long enough to be comfortable.

I could use my 45/45 but then I lose the super light set up. However, If I can't stop chopping, and need to get a level 10...I will swap to my 45/45. Better to have a slightly heavier gun that works than a light one that doesn't

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