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To those who sell on ebay...

I'm sure people have been following THIS thread in which member RangerJim3 details selling a marker to an ebay user who broke it, lied about breaking it, damaged the finish trying to repair it, then lied about the details of purchase to PayPal. Now RangerJim3 has a busted marker with a big scratch on it, and is out all of his money plus shipping costs both ways and ebay fees.

How do you avoid this buyer (who apparently likes pumps..) and maybe bring it to ebays attention through less conventional means that he is not a good person to do business with?

1) Log into Ebay
2) Visit THIS link
3) Enter this username "mnmliepold"
4) Click "submit" and you're done!

Mods - If this is against site policy, please remove; I'm not trying to break rules. I'm just someone who doesn't like getting burned by scumbags and I don't want to see it happen to anyone else.
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