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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
Interesting...I think mine is also an ANS venturi bolt.
Might need a picture of that bolt then. I wonder if you really are having rollback. Even the ANS venturi was supposed to have a foam or rubber thing glued on the end.

Try just putting one ball in and see how it sits in the chamber. If it rolls back too far then that might be your problem right there.

Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
I always heard that level 10 doesn't like CO2? If it works with CO2 then that may be an option.
Yeah, I know who you heard it from too. It's a load of BS. The mag itself just doesn't like CO2 in general, but if you're not going crazy on the trigger and feeding it liquid, you should be OK.

Here I am putting like 100 rounds straight through a classic mag on CO2 with an LX bolt. You can hear the bolt chuff as it anti-chops and breaks up my cadence.
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