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I am going to add my comments in here:

An important note about federal student loans: THEY ARE NOT DISCHARGEABLE IN BANKRUPTCY. You will pay them back one way or another.

Education is wonderful for educations sake. It makes the individual more rounded, more intellectual, and more suited to many tasks. HOWEVER there has been a decade or so of "media blitz" by colleges, your highschool teachers, your guidance counselor, television and various others that have tried to convince you that college is the way to a better career. There are certain careers that you are more likely to advance in if you have a degree - if you have picked one of these careers a degree may be worth it for you. If you are going to college because you "have to to get a good job" you are wrong. Technical schools are as likely (if not more likely) to get you a stable and good paying job - especially if you are not the top 5% of the class.

Many employers pay for college. Around here one of the gas stations has a reimbursement for its employees (even part time IIRC) that pays back a percentage of your expenses depending on your grades. Others are more related to the field you intend to be in. If you can gain experience (and connections) while going to college you may find that takeing a few dollars less an hour in return for reimbursement of college expenses is AN INCREDIBLY GOOD INVESTMENT. If being a janitor for a few years will get your college paid for for you (apply at the university, request this as part of your compensation) then by all means do it.
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